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Page Title Graphic - Counselling or Life Coaching?
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Which would suit you best, Counselling or Life Coaching?

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Psychosynthesis Counselling aims at aligning our individuality with the consciousness and creative momentum of the systems which we are a part of: society and our natural universe. Psychosynthesis Coaching focuses more distinctly on the creation and manifestation of specific goals and desired outcomes that it helps to articulate and work towards through planning and action.
Counselling addresses issues that span the whole spectrum of psychological need, from family of origin issues, trauma and psychological wounding to current issues in all areas of life including emotional and spiritual, to issues of future life-orientation. Coaching does not focus on issues from the past as such, although it might tackle those that might presently be blocking progress and self-fulfillment.
Counselling may be long-term, depending on the needs of the individual. Coaching will generally be a short-term process, but can also take place over an extended period of time, depending on the individual’s needs and wishes.
Counselling may focus on the client’s need for deepening self-awareness, understanding and compassion and on their desire to explore the inner and outer reaches of their Self. Coaching is designed to support conscious evolution and a response to the "Call of Self".
Counselling is carried out face to face in fifty-minute-long sessions, online (Skype & Zoom) or over the telephone. Coaching is most useful for those who feel ready to take further steps in deepening the quality of their lives, and often also in furthering their professional careers and the levels of their Self-fulfillment.
Counselling may be reimbursed by insurance. Coaching will not be appropriate for people struggling with deeper psychological issues or diagnosed mental health disorders.
  Coaching might be funded by an employer.
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