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Page Title Graphic - How I can help
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Inspirational Quote Graphic - "Change is inevitable but personal growth is a choice" - Bob Proctor
Graphic illustrating the kinds of issues clients have when they come for counselling or life coaching
Table Row Title Graphic - Major Life Transitions
I work with individuals who are at a significant transitional stage in their life: in middle-age, undergoing changes in their personal status (relationship, marriage, divorce, becoming a parent), in their career, after an affecting loss, or moving to live in a new country or region.
Table Row Title Graphic - Expatriate Living
I work with expatriates living outside of their native country, and needing support in adapting and finding their place in their new environmental, social, professional and cultural context.
Table Row Title Graphic - Creativity, Self-expression and Ethics
I work with individuals from the creative, academic, government, social and charitable fields, who need help addressing matters of personal fulfilment, authentic self-expression and creativity, ethical and moral dilemmas.
Table Row Title Graphic - Professionals
I work with executives & aspiring middle-managers who are facing challenges in their profession and need to get unstuck and reinvigorate a sense of purpose and personal direction in their carrier. I help them to realign with their own sense of self and how it relates to their particular carrier path. The aim of this work is to empower the individual to express herself or himself more authentically and to contribute the best of herself or himself in their work and their professional context. Thus they become able to reach the success and self-fulfillment that they yearn for.
Table Row Title Graphic - Refugees and Asylum Seekers
I work with charitable and governmental organisations representing and supporting refugees and asylum-seekers who have been displaced by war and economic crises, and who are struggling away from their native homes and familiar support systems, and waiting to be officially resettled in Europe. Some of them might have already been fully resettled but are struggling to cope with their trauma, loss and grief and experiencing difficulties in adapting to their new reality and trying to integrate into European society.
Insporational Graphic of graffiti on a wall depicting hundreds of love-hearts