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What does Life Coaching involve?

You will benefit from life coaching if you wish to improve, develop or change on a personal level and with regards to the areas of your life where you are not fulfilling your potential, you feel stuck, or frustrated, or are facing challenges where you need support. In our Psychosynthesis life coaching work, I can help you tackle issues related to your life purpose and meaning, and core existential issues that might be affecting many different areas of your life, including your personal and your professional lives, sometimes without you being fully aware of it.

Inspirational Quote Graphic - "Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate." - Carl Jung

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I can help you tackle:

  • Anxiety and emotional turbulence
  • Shame and self doubt
  • Frustration and dissatisfaction with life
  • Frustration and dissatisfaction with work
  • Confusion and lack of direction
  • Self control and self sabotage
  • Spiritual emergence
  • Navigating change
  • Finding meaning and purpose

In my life coaching work, I am concerned with unlocking your potential to maximise your own performance by helping you to learn rather than by teaching you. By creating conditions for reflective learning in which you can gain perspective on yourself, and your experiences, I can help you to clarify which goals you want to reach and then enable you to take action to move more quickly along your journey of self-realisation. Thus, our life coaching work will build your awareness and responsibility towards your own goals, and help you to perform at the peak of your abilities, bringing your dreams and goals into reality. My coaching approach is tailored to your specific needs and goals and enables you to generate greater self-awareness and choice.

It is now widely accepted in the coaching world that good coaching needs to be under-pinned by coaching psychology. As a trained psychologist, I bring an added layer of depth, psychological understanding and perspective to life coaching work, which truly benefits my clients. Thus. if they need it, my clients are able to address not only work, or specific goal-related aspects of their lives, but also other issues that might pertain to their psychology, mental, emotional wellbeing and even childhood wounding and spiritual dimensions.

The emphasis of my life coaching approach is on what is trying to emerge from within you, in your life, from any particular challenge that you might be confronted with. This sometimes implies working on earlier life psychological and emotional dimensions, but the main focus of the work remains on your future and its potential, and on the self-actualisation that you might be yearning for. This frees up your energy so that your consciousness and will power can be aligned and galvanised to intentionally create the life that you wish for.

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